Dr. Erik was amazing. He fixed mine and my husband lower pain pain. I was nervous but he put me at ease. He makes you feel comfortable as a patient. I really appreciated his and the front desk clerk customer service. Medical anything makes me nervous but I’m thankful for them putting my mind at ease and taking care of us.thank you! *everyone should give them a try also they take military tricare. You may need to get a referral first or if you rather just pay out of pocket, which isn’t that bad if you just need a quick fix. They are great! *

– Ty R. // San Diego, CA

Ok so, I searched up a good chiropractor on yelp and came across this location due to where I live. I have never had an adjustment done and was skeptical on whether it would work or not. I did some research on what to look for in chiropractors to see whether they’d be a good one to try out. BOY WAS I IN LUCK!!!

I HAD THIS CRAZY PAIN RUNNING DOWN MY LEFT LEG FROM MY LOWER BACK THAT LINGERED FOR 2 MONTHS STRAIGHT. It began slightly every morning but as the day went on, by the end of the night my whole left side from the waist down was numb and restless, with pain that felt like I had been kicking someone’s ass all day (lol). Seriously though, Dr. Rosenberg was so informative, well knowledged, and transparent with all the information he had. He gave me a great deal since I paid cash which included xrays, some cool machine massage thingy which was pre-adjustment, and the adjustment.

I really enjoyed being there and will definitely return in a few days for more crackin’, cuz I’m nuts like that. Haha!

– Christopher A. // San Diego, CA

Since I moved to this area, I was in search for a new Chiropractor and was so lucky to find Erik! He is amazing and I always feel new and refreshed after every adjustment. He uses about 15 different methods. If I could give him 10 stars, I would!

– Maria L. // San Diego, CA

I just came from Dr. Erik Rosenberg office to get my lower back checked out and fixed. He was talking to me with really real information. He took care of my back pain problems right away. Plus this is closer to where I live. I have to go back next Monday for another adjustment but I will continue to go back to this place. Thank you so much Dr. Erik Rosenberg for helping with my back problems. I really recommend this place to anyone.

– Amanda J. // San Diego, CA

Dr. Erik M. Rosenberg is awesome!! I recently went on a roller coaster that threw me around pretty well. After getting off the roller coaster bam pinched nerve in my back. After a few adjustments I’m 75% better just a few more visits and i’ll be back at 100%. He knew exactly where to do the adjustment and man what a release I felt in my back. I highly recommend if you have any pinched nerves or you tweaked your back out to go see Dr. Erik M. Rosenberg he will take care of you!

– Arthur K. // San Diego, CA